About Me

Cosplaying since 2008, I enjoy making the obscure and under-appreciated characters come to life through costume!

Since starting on this crazy journey, I have won multiple costume awards, started a podcast, and somehow became a go-to for all things stretchy fabric. Not sure how that happened, but okay! No regrets!

My philosophy on cosplay is simple: Anyone can do it. No restrictions. No limits. No rules. Do what you want and do it for you.

No one can tell you if you're cosplaying right or wrong. There is no rulebook and no overarching judging system. We're all dressing up as fictional characters to meet others and chat about our love for "this" and "that." Cosplay is as simple as, well, that. :D

You can check out more about me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tifaiacosplay

Things I Do


  • General
  • Seamstress


  • Female Characters
  • Other


  • Photo Shoots


  • Event Coverage
  • Interviews


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