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A long-time (since 2001!) Seattle-area cosplayer and fan of all things Rumiko Takahashi. I'm particularly fond of Ranma 1/2, and I'm known primarily for cosplaying with my husband as Akane Tendo and Ranma Saotome. Other characters I've done include Shampoo and Girl-type Ranma (Ranma 1/2), Lum and Benten (Urusei Yatsura), Merle and Hitomi Kanzaki (Vision of Escaflowne), & Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke).

I'm a slow worker so I don't have a very high turn out of costumes, but I enjoy the creative process involved in making them. My backlog (and fabric stash) are fairly big because I get distracted easily. I do love fabric and styling wigs, and lately I've been more interested in learning about embroidery, distressing materials, & armor and prop creation. Future/in-progress costumes include The Mirror (Cardcaptor Sakura) & multiple outfits for Akane and other characters from Ranma 1/2.

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