About Me

I am a cosplayer and costume designer currently living in the Seattle area. I have only been officially cosplaying since 2009 but I have been creating costumes and replicas since 2002.

I create costumes because I am passionate about bringing characters off the screen and into the real world.

The majority of the skills I have acquired through this hobby have been completely self taught through vigorous and diligent research.


3rd Place - Bluebird (DC Comics/Batman Eternal) - Costume Contest Comics Category, Emerald City Comic Con 2014

Best Journeyman Costume - Mistletoe LeBlanc (League of Legends) - Costume Contest, NewCon PDX 2013

1st Place - Elspeth, Sun's Champion (Magic: The Gathering) - Wizards of the Coast Halloween Costume Contest, Wizards of the Coast 2013

Featured on:

Justice Points Podcast - Episode 21 (http://justicepoints.com/2013/12/03/episode-21-cosplay-sexism-sharp-knees-and-super-fun-times/)

Leetsauced Podcast - Episode 57 (http://www.leetsauced.com/2012/ep-57-pai-gow-wow-tcg-and-other-ways-to-lose-your-money)

Double O Podcast - Episode 10 (http://doubleopodcast.com/2011/10/episode-10-blinded-by-the-lightwell/)

HolyShatt Podcast Maxim Gamer Girl Pt2 (http://www.holyshatt.net/2012/maxim-gamer-girl-pt2/#more-749)

World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (Blood Knight Lynesta)

Things I Do


  • Accessories
  • General
  • Seamstress


  • Female Characters
  • Other


  • Makeup Artist
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