The fiercest creature for yards around.

About Me

30-year-old cosplayer, otaku, and artist from Oregon. I love magical girl series like
Sailor Moon and Puella Magi Madoka Magica and shounen series such as Bleach and D. Gray-man. I also love Domo-kun, Hello Kitty, and gothic lolita.

I adore karaoke and can usually be found in the karaoke room at conventions, occasionally dressed as a Vocaloid.

Conventions I attend are:
Kumoricon (Vancouver, WA)
Sakuracon (Seattle, WA)
Anime Detour (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
AniMinneapolis, (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

I also run an Etsy shop for cosplay jewelry called ShoujoGems, specializing in magical girl accessories. Click on my 'home' link to visit.

Things I Do


  • Accessories


  • Female Characters
  • Male Characters


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