Life is full of pretty dresses.

About Me

I am a Costume Designer with knowledge in Historical Garb as well as Fantasy Fashion. I also have great interest in National and Traditional costumes of countries from around the world. My costuming experience ranges from theatre, to dance, to Cosplay and original designs. I play in the SCA, hang around Geek and Anime conventions, got to Victorian picnics, etc. If it is a costume, I'm interested in it.

I have been making costumes since before Cosplay became a thing (2003). I was a member of a costuming group for many years, and with them we went to store opening, to visit children in hospitals, to Halloween fairs, etc. Nowadays, I have two little costuming partners, my children. Our trio is famous in Montréal Conventions and Masquerades.

I also host panels on pattern making (I have a degree in the subject) and on Plus Size Cosplay.

Things I Do


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