About Me

Heya! I never know what interesting stuff to write in such areas, so I'll just leave practical info and if that's enough to pique your interest, feel free to hit me up for a chat online or at any convention I'm attending.

Location: Quebec, Canada
I speak/write: English and French (occasionally prone to mashing both together)
Age: Of legal age worldwide
CosplayAmino: JadedAmethyst
Instagram: JadedAmethystDesigns
Cosplay.com: Rogue-Eaglet

Other useful knowledge:
Started cosplaying in early 2013. Mainly attending Quebec conventions, though I'd love to eventually try US base ones. I also don't get to attend too many cons per year because there comes a time where reality = you're pushing the limits with work. It sucks, but heh, what do you know, one needs money to fund this hobby.

That's about it really.

Things I Do


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