About Me

I'm a big, bearded guy and thus I love to cosplay big, bearded guys. I love cosplaying underrepresented characters, the ones who never get any cosplay love. I love the Final Fantasy video game series, and have been steadily working my way through its brutes, with my favorite cosplays so far being Barret Wallace (from Final Fantasy VII) and Baku (from Final Fantasy IX).

My wife and I have been cosplaying together since 2006 (since before we were married!), and Kumoricon has been and will be our home-con. We are eager to expand our horizons and visit other cons, but our schedules have yet to allow us that chance. Someday though, hopefully.

I enjoy cosplay because it allows me to bring beloved characters to life, and challenge myself into learning new skills in the process. Every year I learn new techniques, leveling up you might say, and there's just nothing quite like it.

Also, I love meeting new people! If you like what you see, drop me a line. ^_^

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