Big Dumb Thunder Beast

About Me

Fabric store supervisor by day, League, anime, and SVU addict by night. I'm just an Ohio based cosplayer who cosplays far too much green and likes the weirdest characters!

I've been attending con's since 2008, but I'm still a novice in cosplay tryin to learn my way to making my costume dreams come true. I've grown a lot and have accomplished things in the past year including: Remaking a cosplay I wasn't happy with, finishing a cosplay i started ages ago, learning how to use facial prosthetics (mustache and ears), cutting and dying a wig successfully, a general knowledge of fabric increase, embroidery, worbla use, and so much more! I can't wait to keep growing!

I'm also a cosplay photographer and am always looking for cosplayers to shoot with!

Things I Do


  • Female Characters
  • Male Characters
  • Other


  • Photo Shoots


  • Steampunk
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