Welcome to My Page! \ ( * v * ) / ~I Cosplay from many things from Cartoons, to Anime, to Video Games, to Original Characters~ All W.I.P photos are posted on my FB page, only some will be posted here

About Me

Name: Jannel

Cosplay name: VenomX or VX

Where are you located now?: Atlanta, Georgia

Gender: Female

Some extra things about me:
-I'm a Proud Plus sized Cosplayer!
- My Birthdate is March 12
- My Zodiac is Pisces c;
-I'm very Random and I can't stay focused on one thing for too long ( Lol ADHD)
- I love sweets <3
- I hate spicy things
- I love Puppies!
- I love chocolate
- My favorite anime characters are Hidan, Kisame, and Lambo
- I started getting into Anime/Manga about 3 years ago, so I’m still pretty new to it.
- I’ve been Cosplaying for about 3 years now, only going to 2 Cons a year until further notice.
- I Cross-play and Cosplay
- I love Salmon (yum)
- Still currently learning New techniques in the sewing world!

Things I Do


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  • Male Characters
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