Coplayer - Seamstress - from Quebec, Canada

About Me

Hello! *^_^*

I'm a French Cosplayer fom Saguenay, Québec, Canada! I've been into Cosplay for as long as I can remember! I enjoy sewing, prop making and makeup.

Current Category : Novice

Convention: Cosplay Imaginaire 2014
Category: Novice
Cosplay: Nyanpyre et ses amis
Award: The most Fluffyest, most kawaii and huggable group

Convention: SaGGeek 2016 (1st edition)
Category: Judge
Cosplay: Little Loli Witch

Convention: SaGGeek 2017
Category: Head of the mascarade

Convention: Nadeshicon 2018
Category: Novice
Cosplay: Undyne et Himouto! Umaru-chan

Convention: SaGGeek 2018
Category: Head of the macarade

Convention: SaGGeek 2019
Category: Head of the mascarade

Convention: SaGGeek 2020
Category: Head of the mascarade

Things I Do


  • Seamstress


  • Female Characters


  • Staff


  • Lolita Fashion
  • Makeup Artist


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