Sew Stiches, Cut Bitches

About Me

Hello! My name is Morgan and I'm just a cosplayer and a sewer

Cosplay is one of my biggest passions. I've been cosplaying sine 2004, but didn't start taking it seriously until 2010. Ever since, I have started upping my skill level and increasing my costume-making knowledge with the hopes of increasing the quality of my costumes.

Since discovering cosplay, I have found it to be my biggest creative outlet. Cosplay not only allows me to gain new skills and solve creative problems, but it allows me to express a love for a certain series or character.

If you like my work and wish, feel free to navigate the links above and follow me wherever you see fit =)

If it's costume updates and progress you are interested in, then I would suggest following my facebook page and my instagram.

Things I Do


  • Female Characters


  • Makeup Artist
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