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Hello!!! I'm Alli, I'm an East Coast cosplayer that has been cosplaying since 2009....um um um.........I enjoy hack and slash strategy games (Zelda!) and FF:TA style strategy games and I enjoy all forms of anime. In my free time I attend conventions and derp around with friends but also make new friends <3

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Pawprint-Cosplay FF:CC: My Life as a King - female Black Mage
Pawprint-Cosplay Kobato - Summer Outfit (anime)
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Pawprint-Cosplay Human Bijou
Pawprint-Cosplay Princess Philip
Pawprint-Cosplay Red Riding Annie
Pawprint-Cosplay Reverse Annie kigu style
Pawprint-Cosplay Herp Derp
Pawprint-Cosplay Nutella
Pawprint-Cosplay Bokura wa Ima no Naka de
Pawprint-Cosplay Thief - Dokapon Kingdom
Pawprint-Cosplay Angel Trainee Flonne