About Me

I grew up between an illustrator and fine artist; and my passion is art.
I've been drawing my entire life. In 2008 I received a BS in Graphic design from the New England Institute of Art. I won multiple awards upon graduation and currently work as a Senior Interactive Designer (with occasional illustration responsibilities) outside of Boston, Mass.

Cosplay is a relatively new hobby for me, although I have wanted to do pretty much my entire life, I was intimidated by the sewing machine. However, with the support of friends online I lept into it! It's something that is challenging and rewarding, a trait I love!
There's probably no better ice breaker than a costume when you're out and about. I hope cosplay will continue to be the reason I make more enthusiastic supportive friends.

When I’m not doodling in my sketch book, I’m cosplaying, catching up on comics, or just watching the clouds morph.

Things I Do


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