About Me

Intermediate Cosplayer.
2013 awards: Most Charismatic show(lilith Aensland/Novice) Animorency
2014 awards: Honorable Mention for Wig Styling(Elivra mistress of the dark) Animorency
I usually make all my costumes, some exception might be made if i have to be in a groupe or just never want to make the cosplay lol Even so I'll let you know which one i didnt make!(yuno is a good example: did the wig, used a babydoll dress for my shoot cause i didnt have time to finish her dress)

I'm sagitarius, currently in class to become better at seaming. I've sewn for 22 years but i'm making actual complete costume and pattern out of nothing... thats why i went to class ^^ to learn how to properly do it!

I learned seaming with my dad who was making furniture... let me tell you a skirt for a chair is the same as a skirt for a school girl! the only thing you need to change is the length and size xD

Still i couldn't learn everything from him. I currently have a ...hmm.. Apprentice under me :3 Her nickname is Zanae on FB, she's great, her first complete handmade cosplay was Korra and she won best personification! :D

anyhow enough about me, if you're curious just ask!

Things I Do

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