nerd in labcoat by day, nerd in costume by night

About Me

Slowly updating everything here. Work in progress.

Grad student in the sciences/medicine and cosplayer for funsies. Talk to me, I'm friendly!

You can find me @liebsmakesstuff on Twitter, chimericfusionprotein on tumblr, or at Liebs Cosplay on fbook.

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Liebs bloody mary bloody mary bloody mary
Liebs better than u
Liebs [bone rattle xylophone noise]
Liebs rah rah siss boom bah
Liebs can't even pretend I'm not furry trash
Liebs kotori's hero fetish
Liebs i'm just a singer with a dead sword boyfriend
Liebs keefs of all genders
Liebs let me see your bones
Liebs it's called fashion look it up
Liebs red angry yaoi bird