About Me


My name is Ofir and I am 20 years old. Male cosplayer from Israel.
I do both cosplay and photoshoots of my cosplayer friends.
Usually cosplay video games (Zelda).

Cosplay Prizes:
* Harucon 2014: 1st place cosplay competition in the casts category (Cast ALBW)
* Harucon 2014: 2nd place skits competition (Cast ALBW)
* Cami 2014: 1st place skits competition (Kid Icarus Uprising)
* Cami 2016: 3rd place music based skits competition (Cardcaptor Sakura art)
* Icon 2016: 3rd place cosplay competition in the casts category (Fire Emblem Fates)

You can follow my FB fan page:
Feel free to send a messege! :D

Things I Do


  • Male Characters


  • Photo Shoots
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