About Me

Jerikandra is a play on my first name, Jerica.
Kandra comes from the Mistborn Series by Brandon Sanderson. Kandra can take any form they wish after careful study of their subjects. I relate that to cosplay. ;)

I came from modeling into Cosplay when I first met Abi Sue Cosplay when she had a fashion show for a line of her costumes. I commissioned her to make me Black Widow (from Iron Man 2) and she introduced me to the world of cosplay.

Through Abi, I met Kit Cosplay, who cofounded Comic Book Characters for Causes, an awesome foundation of volunteers who dress up as superheros and do events for kids.

As I get more involved with cosplay, I'm learning to make my own stuff and having fun with newfound friends.

Abi Sue Cosplay

Kit Cosplay

Comic Book Characters for Causes (CBCC)

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