Giant dork and science geek from Ontario, displaced currently to Boston, with the awesome hobby of dressing up like fictional characters~ :) Costumed nerd since 2008

About Me

Master level costumer and full time dork, studying for my Master's of Science round 2 in Boston while maintaining an awesome hobby that consists of dressing up in costumes. Ravenclaw to the core, nerdfighter, tap dancer and sabreist, I love being active and creative in my spare time!

Things I Do


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Jayuna Princess Zelda
Jayuna Hannah Alexander Aurora
Jayuna Bokuto Kotarou (genderbend)
Jayuna Leliana
Jayuna Cynthia
Jayuna Prince Sakura
Jayuna NoFlutter Chibi Moon
Jayuna Asuka Tanaka
Jayuna Camellia vr Gumi
Jayuna Sailor Venus
Jayuna Princess Sakura (white dress)
Jayuna Newt Geiszler