I put the bacon in the soap!

About Me

Hello! My name is Kristine aka Cosplayequinox aka FeatheredHearts. I have been going to cons for about Fourteen years. I have been cosplaying much longer. I make all my own costumes and beyond the three props others else made me, I make all those myself too. I cosplay with various people, depending on who's group I may get invited to join. Or what my local con family decides on cosplaying. But for the most part I team up with IWISHIHADATARDIS. She is my twinny, so even if our costumes arn't from the same thing we still try and coordinate, and you will more than likely see us cosplaying together at any given con.

I am really friendly and love talking to people, so If you happen to see me at a con feel free to say hi. I know I can be very intimidating do to my height and well the faces I make at times, but don't be scared, I swear I wont bite~

I am a self taught sewer, my mom use to help me from time to time when we lived together but now I usually recruit my friend Madilynn or my brother to help me. Mostly just with fittings. The machine I generally work from is my moms Singer from the 70's. Its my baby and I have payed more money than the actual machine is worth to get it fixed. I literally cried over it breaking. Its part of our family. With cosplay I also sometimes use my dress-making doll. But for the most part its only good for when i'm working on cosplays for friends. :3

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