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About Me

Elizabeth Mace Giosia: 30-year-old freelance cosplay, fashion, and event photographer from Seattle who also happens to cosplay (occasionally). Currently working a day job as an account representative for non-foods vendors at Costco in the United States; at night, I play video games and obsessively edit photos.

When I'm not at work, or at home sleeping because I'm so tired from work, I can generally be found out and about with a camera glued to my face. My weapon of choice is the Nikon D5000 with a 50mm lens, but I also have a D3100 that I love.

You can find more photos at my Facebook page:

I am available for shoots in the Seattle metro area on the weekends, and I will shoot anything!

Other Minor Facts About Me:
* I am not a Seattle native; I'm originally from Maine.
* I'm a Leo, but I kinda missed out on the "loving the spotlight" thing.
* I also write reviews for Fantasy-Faction.Com
* My last name is pronounced this way: gee-OH-SEE-ah

Things I Do


  • Female Characters


  • Event Coverage
  • Photo Shoots
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