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We have two goals: Our first goal is to provide desirable and high-quality products to cosplayers throughout the USA. Our second goal is to provide materials and products to cosplayers who want to test them out! Not everyone can afford to gamble 20-100 dollars on full-sized products they've never used before. We will work to provide desirable products for you! In the boxes, you'll find awesome handpicked cosplay items! In our basic box you will find a range of raw materials, from thermoplastics, to handcrafted makeup and wig supplies. In our Themed Deluxe Boxes, you'll find products (usually full sized) related to the theme of the month. For example, our future Wig Box might include wefts, glue, wefting needles, clip-in bangs, etc. This is not just a subscription box. It gives you access to a wealth of knowledge, all in a centralized place. The Cosbox vision is to show new cosplayers that cosplay is not impossible, and to also introduce veteran cosplayers to new materials, or give them a chance to try their hand at crafting new things! We want to foster a healthy crafting community, and provide tutorials, advice, and opportunities!

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