2015 Anime Expo Photo Booth Staff

2015 Anime Expo Photo Booth Staff
2015 Anime Expo Attendee
We’re excited to bring the Cospix.net experience to Anime Expo 2015! Just like our website, our crew is made up of both talented cosplayers and photographers dedicated to making sure you go home with high-quality photos of your AX experience. Visit our free photo booth and let one of our photographers capture your awesome costume, or find us in the hallway or at one of AX’s many special events. You can purchase prints of your photos at our booth, or view them for free on Cospix.net after the con is over. We can’t wait to work with you!
SammySimplicity www.facebook.com/sammysimplicitycosplay
Tushy Face I am here because Senpai #noticedme ;)
Vince (Darkain) That One Cospix Guy
Sewing Sasha www.sewingsasha.com
Luluko what's up gay wizards
Brian Ewell Wait. What?
Torremitsu of WeNeals
Peter Cho (PCho) I am the magnet to your compass.
MewMewRith Potato~!
Barracuda I will (not) bite you
Lucid Visual Photography Vic
On Impulse Photography Hard Work Beats Talent
Majestic Moose Want a job? :D