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About Me

I hope that when you meet me, my love and passion for my craft is undeniable. My passion for 'Geek' was something that was established early in my youth. Looking back I realize it was because of the fact that I was bullied growing up and looked for something in which I could be considered powerful. My love of gaming and the gaming industry is something that has transferred into my adult life. Consumed with consoles, PC’s, hand held and Tabletop games, I find now I can pick up and play almost anything, but I have an affinity for something with a rich story and adventure RPG’s. I have a bit of a problem when it comes to video games in the sense that I binge play them when they first come out and disappear from the world for a while. I didn't speak to my friends very much for two years while enveloped in the WOW community.

I find I am always drawn to intelligent, strong, independent and assertive characters. Assertive is something I am not. I use this love for my characters, by making their costumes and wearing them- by being them. Cosplay is by far, my most engrossing (and expensive) hobby. I started dressing up and attending conventions back in 2006, in my high school years. If you don’t costume it’s hard to understand the appeal. My first costumes I made was a Blood Elf from World of Warcraft and Rikku from Final Fantasy X2.

I grew up loving all the classics from TV, games, toys, and fashion. I love Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror genres in TV and movies and of course anime. I'm not one of those that remember every little movie trivia fact and believe that nerd knowledge is a superpower, like having to know "how many parsecs it took for the Millennium Falcon to make the Kessel Run" ... that one I actually do know, but you get my point. I’ve been an active collector of comics, figurines and other varying memorable of my favourite things. I’m trying to get the world’s best collection of Zatanna Zatara and Supergirl. I was siphoned into an eBay merchandise addiction, and am now the proud owner of many nostalgic memorabilia. I enjoy having these items around me; they act as the best inspiration, any item that appeases my desire for form over function.

I’m also big into art. I love to learn about its inception, its history and to create it myself. When I’m not playing around in Illustrator or Photoshop, I am taking photos, drawing, painting and occasionally even sculpting. Cosplay is a great way to combine all of my artistic strengths. I am actually a very shy, quiet, awkward and private person. But I use Cosplay as a means for pushing past that boundary. I Cosplay, I live life to have fun, even though I don't go anywhere nice or do anything cool. I am forever hungry, am easily amused and get called a loser on a daily basis. I am incapable of taking a serious picture. I love illustration and would one day love to be someone behind the scenes creating character and concept art. This is one of the reasons I jumped into the Cosplay life. I believe you should have a thorough understanding for costumes and fabric in order to create a realistic costumed character.

I'm obsessed with the Fantasy Medieval era, I have a romanticized version of it in my mind. I love Tolkien and Game of Thrones. Elves are something that I inspire to be one day. It has inspired me to start my own clothing line- and with that I will say I am also seriously into fashion. I believe in personal style, not current trends. I love to combine my love of fashion with my love 'geek' to create a unique look that is strictly me. I like masculine styles mixed with feminine charm, comfort, I collect heels but wear sneakers, I believe in quality over quantity, I love loose fitting shirts paired with loose pants and leggings and I love to collect and wear shoes, hats, bags and good eyewear.

I am a trained dancer, and my preferred field was ballet. I also hold a license to teach it. I am a singer, visual artist, photographer, writer and crazy techy person- when I was young, I wanted to be a hacker. I'm prepping myself for the impending zombie apocalypse; I believe that it is selfish to assume that we are the only beings in the universe. Apart from that, I love working out, playing my violin, my guitar and singing, shooting my bow, painting and drawing, playing with my amazing critters, and loosing myself into a good book.

I'm just a dork trying to make friends sharing my weird and creative side with the world.

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