Sprinkle Princess Sprinkle Princess May 6th, 2017 at 9:30 AM

Looking through the Tracer photoshoot taken by Trevor Orchard / Convention Cosplay Collection, I was reminded of a photoshoot I did of my Secret Police Megurine Luka photoshoot back in 2015 at London Anime Con., also with Trevor / Con Cos Collection.


Then I thought it would be pretty fun to do a comparison, and I can see a big improvement in my posing. Posing has always just been one of those things for me, I either get it wrong or sort-of-right and at the time I was really happy with my posing in 2015, but now, I'm even happier with the results I've gotten this year.


Question is, would you like me to do a full comparison of the photoshoot?

Also, show me your improvement of posing from cosplay to cosplay! It can be different cosplays like mine or the same cosplay.