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About Me

Cosplayer since 2013. Still learning a lot of different things for cosplay. Studying for Animation and illustration @ De Anza College and planning to transfer to SJSU. Pokemon enthusiast. Love animals, especially felines and owls.

Conventions/Gatherings i usually go every year:
- ALA (LA - moving to a different location for 2016)
- Fanime (SJ, CA)
- AX (LA)
- NorCal Gatherings -4 per year- (Norcal)
- Kraken Con (Oakland)
- JX (NorCal)
- Japan Summit Festival (SF JTown)

Conventions and gatherings i don't go too often/ never attended:
- Wondercon 2014 (Anaheim)
- SDCC 2014 (San Diego)
- Sac Anime -all of them- (Sacramento)
- Sakura con (Seattle)
- Dragon con (Atlanta)
- Katsu con (Maryland)
- Anime California (anaheim)

Things I Do


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