When you want the flavor of bacon in a dip.

About Me

Professional research scientist, New Jersey enthusiast, and giant nerd. Been sewing for over a decade. Loves food, rollercoasters, gin, MST3K, and buying way too many candles from Anthropologie. Hates ketchup, cold hands, sambuca, and writing about herself.

For me, cosplay is a great outlet for creativity, spontaneity, and making connections with amazing people. Every costume I make is fueled entirely by my excitement to have weird, crafty fun with friends.

Hope you enjoy my Gallery of Stuff. Let's have some weird fun together.

Things I Do


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Ambrosia Krys Alice Elliott
Ambrosia Krys Hamona
Ambrosia Krys Reika Mishima
Ambrosia Krys Celes Chere (Amano)
Ambrosia Krys Elza
Ambrosia Krys Honeybee Inn Girl
Ambrosia Krys Winry Rockbell
Ambrosia Krys Scarlet
Ambrosia Krys Hitomi Kanzaki
Ambrosia Krys Julia (Episode 25/26)
Ambrosia Krys Brienne of Tarth (Armor)
Ambrosia Krys Belle (Madhanz Moulin Rouge Design)