Dantalian Cosplay
Chicken Nugget

Cooking and Visiting with Carl Grimes

A little video that I filmed while I was bored !
I hope you like it :)
Bear McCreary - The Mercy Of The Living (The Walking Dead OST)
405 Oats in the Water - Ben Howard
406 The Last Pale Light in the West - Ben Nichols

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Stay roasted , my chickens

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About Me

Hello ! I'm Dantalian cosplay!
I'm from Canada and I cosplay since 8 years now! (But I'm not a professional !)
I try to create more and more cosplay and not buy them! So I can feel accomplish and proud of myself :P I don't judge people who buy their cosplay, I did it too in the past, because I didn't know how to sew!
I still have many things to learn in the cosplay world and I'm ready !

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