About Me

I'm Kai, a Minneapolis based, enthusiastic amateur photographer.

If you're at a Con in the midwest and see someone with a Nikon DSLR wearing a Totoro beanie, it's probably me.

I've been attending conventions since 2010, but I only began photography half way through the 2014 convention season. Since then, I've been practicing and improving with every opportunity I get, and I think it shows.

If you want to schedule a shoot with me, just shoot me a message, if I don't have anything else going on and the shoot is relatively convenient for me, I may do it for free. Otherwise my base price is about $50 for an hour long 1-on-1 shoot, I don't promise a certain number of final edited photos, I prefer to just edit every good photo I take. That said, a 1 hour shoot with me typically results in final gallery of 10-25 photos.

NOTE: I'm only uploading a few images from each of my galleries to this site, see my Flickr page for the full sets:
and follow me on facebook to stay current with my work:

Things I Do


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  • Event Coverage
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