About Me

Prius princess, fearless leader, word nerd, proud #bowsquad member. More importantly: cosplayer, artist, writer, dweeb.

When I'm not doing one of the above things, I'm reading, bowling, spending time with my friends & family, wishing yoga counted as cardio, wasting time on social media, and cuddling my cat.

I've been cosplaying since Animazement 2011, which I attended wearing a gijinka Kilala that my mom sewed. Three years later, I attended Animazement 2014 in a gold Belle ballgown that I sewed entirely on my own, and which has since won several masquerade prizes. You could say I've come a long way, but I've still got much more to learn!

Feel free to message me here or via email if you need cosplay help, writing help, or just want to chat!

NOTE: My "events" page is used mostly to bookmark cons and should not be taken as a defined schedule!
NOTE: If the photographer is not credited by tagging on Cospix in one of my photos, they are identifiable by the photo watermark and/or by a link in the photo comment. If a photo contains none of these, it's probably because the photo was taken by one of my non-professional friends who doesn't care about being credited.

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