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Hildrhien hails from the USA and attends east coast conventions only, though recently has moved to England for university. She annually attends AnimeNEXT, as it is her home convention, and has attended AnimeUSA, Otakon, I-CON, Katsucon as well as smaller mini-conventions.

Her very first costume was Nuriko from Fushigi Yuugi in 2005 in which her mother helped her put together. After that, she was on her own. Her mother taught her what little she knew on their sewing machine, but aside from that, Hildrhien is completely self-taught. She had to turn to reading materials, online tutorials and videos to learn how to sew.

In 2010, it came to her attention that one of her neighbors was very knowledgeable in the arts of sewing and she sought her attention to learn from her. Her neighbor was grateful to help and taught her how to read patterns, crochet, do hand embroidery as well as numerous machine stitches, tips and tricks.

While Hildrhien works on her projects, she keeps close records on what she is doing, how she does it and how long each step takes in creating her cosplay. These records are mainly for the use of craftsmanship judges when she decides to enter into Hall Cosplay Contests or Masquerade events, but they are also posted online on her DeviantART and Tumblr accounts in the format of a tutorial. She hopes her tutorials are of use to other cosplayers and she hopes that they will be able to help them in making either the same costume/prop/wig/accessory or that her tutorials will give cosplayers ideas on a different project.

She always does her best to help other cosplayers with questions and concerns they may have on their costumes, and lately, she has even taken on wig and resin casting commissions.

Please do not hesitate to send her an e-mail regarding any cosplay questions you may have as Hildrhien is more than eager to help!

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