Cosplaying people, drawing things; the fandom business!

About Me

Cosplay Count: 107

Masquerade awards:

Eric from Snow White and the Huntsman
-1st Place, MCM
Arthur from BBC Merlin, Knight of Camelot armour
-2nd Place, LFCC
Kurt Hummel from Glee, Bad Romance outfit
-Best Group, G1
-Runner up, MCM
The Master from Doctor Who, with caged Doctor prop
-1st Place, Memorabilia

SFX Game of Thrones book, MYM magazine, NEO magazine, newspapers, Cosplay Fever, Sky One, BBC Three and BBC radio.

My first convention was MCM '05 and I've been making costumes for as long as I can remember. The majority of my costumes are homemade, some are screen accurate sourced items and some are upcycled existing garments. I like to challenge myself with props and different techniques constantly. You can contact me about cosplay commissions too.

Things I Do


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