About Me

Hello! I am a US-based cosplayer interested in a variety of different series. I like cute and spooky costumes and, unless otherwise specified, I make my own cosplays. For those interested in making their own cosplays I also write tutorials.

Things I Do


  • Seamstress


  • Female Characters
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Koumori-no-hime Charlotte
Koumori-no-hime Megumi Shimizu
Koumori-no-hime Junko Enoshima
Koumori-no-hime Aki
Koumori-no-hime Sakura
Koumori-no-hime Touko
Koumori-no-hime Ibuki Mioda
Koumori-no-hime Shadow Yukiko
Koumori-no-hime Ashley Graham
Koumori-no-hime Super Sonico
Koumori-no-hime Rei Miyamoto
Koumori-no-hime Mukuro Ikusaba