About Me

I am twenty.
I like cosplaying and writing :3
Kittens and feathers are nice too.

Things I really want to cosplay:
-Kashuu - Touken Ranbu (but it's so freaking hot)
-Serval fursuit (also damn hot and really expensive)
-Something that's not hot to wear (Midna, Nashetania, TBD)

**Uta - Tokyo Ghoul
**Leila - Code Geass
***Wolf Link - Twilight Princess
**Rulca - Crimson Spell
**Zoroark Gijinka - Pokemon
**Succubus - FFXIV
*Jibril - No Game, No Life
*Waka - Okami
**Angel Panty - Panty and Stocking
**Kacchan - My Hero Academia
*Minish Cap - Vaati

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