Seattle based artistic designer who loves cosplay, video games, fashion, and cute stuff.

About Me

Megan Ann is a vivacious Seattle native with an immeasurable passion for fashion, art, and design. Since a very young age she filled countless sketch books of original character, costume and fashion designs. Using her self taught skills in embroidery and sewing she has breathed life into many of her original designs, as well as recreating some of her favorite characters from published works.

In addition to her costuming work, Megan is also a freelance model, working with several up and coming, as well as notable photographers in the Northwest. She is a fervent gamer, a lolita fashion enthusiast, and a part-time elementary school teacher's assistant. She has also had some formal training in voice and dance.

Megan really likes bunnies, has an insatiable sweet tooth, and dreams of one day having her own fashion line as well as modeling for some of her favorite lolita brands.

Things I Do


  • Female Characters
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  • Lolita Fashion
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