About Me


I always hate filling out this section cause I'm so awkward and never know what to say... But I'll try!

I've been cosplaying for almost 6 years now and am totally self taught! My skills are being polished up at a sewing school finally (just started fall 2013) and it's making a huge impact on my hobby! Like many others, cosplay is basically my life, aside from watching anime, gaming, figure collecting, noob lolita and gahgahgah! Ha so I'm pretty busy! I also make uniform/costumes for performance lines for local schools and studios. My dream and goal in life is to just keep doing what I love! Eat food and have stuff handed to me. Just kidding but that does sound nice right? I love working and take every chance I get to sit down and block out the world to work on a project. Hope you like my stuff!

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