Secret Super Villain and Crazy Cat Lady

About Me

Hello, and nice to meet you! I am a 23 year old who enjoys cosplaying, as well as taking photos. I'm a photographer for the new dating website , and I have my own photography page at

I spend photographing cosplay, as well as dabbling in things like makeup, fashion, headshots, engagements, and other events.

My goal when photographing cosplay is to capture emotion or a moment in time for the character while still showcasing all of the details of the costume. I also try to keep the locations as accurate to the show/game/comic/etc they are from as possible, though that can get rather difficult when shooting at conventions.

I have recently been experimenting with different lighting techniques, so sometimes I will be posting photos that look a bit wonky or weird. I have yet to figure out my style, but I'm not too worried.

I enjoy taking photographs and seeing people's reactions to them. I hope you enjoy the results as much as I enjoy the journey to them!!

And if I think of anything else to write here, I'll update it later <3

TL;DR: I'm a crazy cat lady photographer and a secret super villain who will sometimes take pretty pictures of people. <3 Love ya!

Things I Do


  • Female Characters
  • Male Characters


  • Photo Shoots


  • Makeup Artist
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