I am in love with the Will Box~ Senpai notice me, pls (*/ω\*)~

About Me

Hello! I'm an aspiring cosplayer from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I am into a lot of geeky things... Anime, manga, video games, tabletop gaming, fantasy, sci-fi, comics... You name it! What do these all have in common that I have a general undying love for? The artwork! I love looking at all the beautiful artwork; YUM! YUM! NUTRITIOUS! DELICIOUS! EYE CANDY! I also do love learning. A lot! ESPECIALLY if it's very interesting to me.

I've been attending conventions of the geeky sort since 2008, but I haven't been cosplaying until early 2013. (Lack of self-confidence... ・゜・(ノД`) Boo hoo...) However, since I started attending from con-goer to con-cosplayer, I've been enjoying my time at conventions so much more! Anime Evolution 2013 is definitely a highlight of that year, and I love you all who made it so worthwhile! (You know who you are <3)

I love meeting new people, and chatting it up! So feel free to contact me using any of the social media links provided above~

Things I Do

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