Artist, Cosplayer, Model, Gamer, Girlfriend, Student, And all around dork.

About Me

Cosplayer from Australia, I only recently started cosplay when i found out about "Supanova".. A local convention. I went there and fell inlove, but it only feels right if I have an awesome costume to go with! That's where my cosplay hobby started. I'm only beginner but i'm determined and I feel like cosplay lets me express myself in ways other hobbies, or things don't. I love video games to bits! I play PlayStation, PC and the occasional Nintendo. Most of my cosplay ideas come from video games, though i enjoy a lot of movies just as much! I also model, and that is how i've met most of my favourite photographers! They're the best. All of my photos come from either JenHammer photography -
Or AmandaSay photography.

Things I Do


  • Female Characters
  • Other


  • Makeup Artist
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