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Hey everyone!

I am a professional photographer stationed in Toronto, ON, CAN.
My Facebook page is:
Feel free to check me out and drop me a like! :)

I love cosplay and I love photography, so I thought "Hey! Why not combine the two and make my career in cosplay photography?!" and with that I went off to school to become a professional photographer.

I love to cosplay myself and I plan to post both my own cosplay photos as well as the photos I take on shoots and during events!

Here is just a little bit about me! ^_^

Cosplay Name: Hazie Harper Cosplay
Occupation: Professional Photographer
Price: Starting Jan.31/2014 30$
Favourite Anime: Kill la Kill, Shingeki no Kyojin, Junjou Romantica, Amnesia (anything really, I love it all!)
Favourite Colour: GREEN!! OMFG!
Hobby: Writing, drawing, photography, video games, traveling and collecting figures and figmas!

Anything else, just message me! :) I love chatting with others!

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