About Me

Hiya! I'm Caeron, a cosplayer based in Calgary, Alberta. I love cosplaying, computer gaming, making jewelry and cats! Writer for All That's Cosplay <3

I am a huge World of Warcraft fan and computer gamer! My Stormrage Druid cosplay from WoW is my pride and joy and I love tinkering with its construction when I learn something new or improve on techniques. Most of my costumes, or ideas in my head, are WoW based as that is my passion. I do however have a fondness for League of Legends, anime, comic books, movies and other nerdoms in which to pull my costume ideas from.

Fellow WoW addict, computer gamer, or cosplayer? Hit me up for a chat! I love meeting new people who share my passion!

Things I Do


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Caeron Cosplay Druid - Bear Form
Caeron Cosplay Stormrage Druid
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Caeron Cosplay Stormrage Druid
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