About Me

My name is Alora Phacia! And I'm a cosplayer in in the Maryland and DC area! I head to a lot of East Coast conventions, and sometimes will even travel further ^.^. I've been cosplaying since 2007. At first I had to buy all of my items because I had no idea how to sew but now I make props and am learning to sew!


Things I Do

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d.aloracosplay Ada Wong
d.aloracosplay X-23
d.aloracosplay Mario
d.aloracosplay Nemu Kurotsuchi
d.aloracosplay Elf from Dragon's Crown
d.aloracosplay Wall-e Human Version
d.aloracosplay Psylocke
d.aloracosplay Pocahontas
d.aloracosplay Black Cat
d.aloracosplay Carla Radames
d.aloracosplay Saeko Busujima
d.aloracosplay Lucy