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About Me

I like playing dress up and playing pretend. I got into cosplay in 2009 when a friend invited me to San Diego Comic Con and told me "you have to wear a costume". Since then cosplay has become my mode of fan art. I can't draw (I'm very clumsy) but through photos and videos I can show my love for my fandoms and have a visual outlet for my creativity.

At cons I enjoy running panels. I want to bring to cons the sort of panels I'd like to see more of be they informative or fandom. A lot of my panels and my photo shoots focus on the female-gaze. I crossplay to create the works I'd enjoy seeing, and love running yaoi panels or host clubs. I do fan service based on what I'd like to see.

While crossplay is my main thing, I do cosplay a few female characters. I'm more into the characters than the costume itself, so I'll only do a cosplay if I really love the character or connect with them "who do I want to be" "what role would I like to play". I'll also wear the same costume for years if I'm in a fandom because I just really love that character. New costumes only happen when I find a new character I love/want to be so I may only add one or two a year.

I'm not really into sewing or the craft side of costumes (clumsy). I like design, making the costume work, hunting through thrift shops for things to modify or buying costumes as a base. My goal is just to play. To come to a con dressed as a character I love. To make fan art through photo shoots. I owe a lot to my wonderful friends and my amazing aunt for helping me make costumes.

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