Cosplayer and fun loving! Loves magical girl series and Idol series!

About Me

Mina on several sites, a member of the Carolina D20 Girls as well as CosplayAwkward. Love Lolita and cosplaying. Working on commissions part time but focusing on school first.

Things I Do

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MissMina2 Understudy Chieri Sono
MissMina2 Asuna Yuuki
MissMina2 Rocer C.C.
MissMina2 Princess Serenity
MissMina2 Eternal Sailor Moon
MissMina2 School Asuna
MissMina2 Mimori Kishida Red Successor
MissMina2 Christmas Mami - Madoka Magica
MissMina2 Sailor V - Sailor V
MissMina2 Madoka - Madoka Magica