About Me

Hello, I'm Ashlen!

I've been attending cons since 2011 and just started cosplaying this past year, 2013. Growing up, I always loved playing dress up, from myself, to my niece and even my poor pets, if it had arms and legs, I dressed it!

Cosplaying is a way I get to express myself like I never thought possible. I get to tap into my creative side, my outgoing, positive self and that's why I love it! While I do enjoy wearing the costumes, what I really like is creating them. There are so many different techniques and parts that go into completing a costume and its that constant learning process that I love. With each new project I want to become better and learn new things!

Oh yea, I love gaming, am a complete dork, and when I'm nervous or embarrassed I turn bright red (I like to call it my Super Saiyan mode) T_T.

Things I Do


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