photo featuring Velawesoraptor

Aelita (WIP) by Velawesoraptor


Wig progress. I am disassembling another wig to make this's why (copy-pasted from my Instagram because I'm lazy):

I really liked Epic Cosplay Wigs's "Dark Pink" color, but there were no Dark Pink wigs left in stock, as the color was discontinued a couple of years ago. They DID, however, still have several Dark Pink PONYTAIL CLIPS in stock, so I bought 4 of them (the clearance price was really good, $6 each!) so I could make a wig from their fibers. I considered building the base cap from scratch, but because I like the caps of Epic wigs so much (they're really comfy ☺), I ended up using the cap of an old wig from them that I no longer have a use for (a Dark Red Theia). As you can see, I am currently in the process of replacing all the Dark Red wefts with Dark Pink wefts from the ponytail clips.

But FEAR NOT, for the red fibers shall not be wasted! ^^ I have other cosplay plans in mind for them ;-)