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Hey out there my SoCal peeps!I’m working on expanding my photography portfolio. I do pictures for small events, family, cosplay & boudoir. Right now, as I am working on my skills and portfolio, I am searching for models! These models will get digital pictures from the shoots, and have to be able to let me use the images in my portfolio. Details will be negotiated between us. Right now, I can only schedule shoots for weekends and perhaps very short ones in an evening or two somewhere, we can talk about it! I do charge a $5 fee to book a shoot.

So, I’m looking for models to do any sort of cosplay shoots. You must provide your own clothing (for obvious reasons), and do your own hair and makeup. For cosplay, you must have your own costumes, but the photos will provide photos for your portfolio and mine!

If interested in doing shoots for any of these, please message me and we can set up a shoot! Your help is much appreciated and shoots will be between 1-2 hours outdoors, locations TBA.

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