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The FanFilm 'Troops' and my love of Star Wars got me into costuming. I guess though that my very first "Costume" must have been my Ghostbuster costume when I was a kid. I wore it for Halloween. I had one of those blue Real Ghostbusters toy proton packs and the trap. For the outfit I wore my khaki pants and a khaki short sleeve shirt. I LOVED it. Most of my stuff isn't Anime related, though at one time I was working on a Spike costume from Cowboy Bebop.

My favorite costume, as far as looks goes is my Pyramid Head costume. It's my least favorite costume when it comes to mobility and sight because I can't see a thing inside the helmet. I did have a video camera inside it at one time that let me see out, but it never really worked that well. I'd like to get a better set up for that one day.

My favorite costumes as far as comfort goes are the ones I can relax in and are closer to what it feels like to wearing normal clothing.

After making and wearing my Closer costume for an extended period of time, I've decided to move away from the large costumes for a time and stick to easily wearable ones.

That does not mean I'll never make a large costume again.

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