Costumer; Artist; All around nerd.

About Me

Hello there!

I'm Hazel-Grey, a 21 year old self taught costumer, artist, and model, currently based out of Michigan.

Costuming is my passion and producing detail-heavy outfits, or recreations, is what I love to do most. From producing screen accurate replicas of favorite characters to period based historical wear, I love to learn new skills with each thing I produce, always challenging myself more and more.

I've won 12 awards for my construction and performance, been featured on various TV programs, featured in various magazines and on websites, modeled twice for the brand Sixh., and have held 5 panels about costume making.

Some of my favorite techniques to use when creating costumes would be:
-Draping garments
-Hand embroidery / Hand sewing
-Working with SFX makeup, or facial hair applications

Since 2008, I've been involved in this crazy world of cosplay. Sewing since late 2009, and have been working towards becoming a full time costumer since 2012!

For commissions, you can contact me on Etsy at

To see more of my work, you can find me on Facebook and Instagram!

Things I Do


  • Accessories
  • Armor
  • General
  • Props
  • Seamstress
  • Wigs


  • Male Characters
  • Other


  • Makeup Artist
  • Panelist
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