About Me

I'm a qualified law student, however, I retrained to become a Primary School Teacher as Law did not appeal to me so I am now teaching in Primary School!

I love playing guitar and singing. I write novels and am hoping to do that professionally some day (check out Flight of the Valkyrie on my Deviantart!)

The first time I ever experienced cosplay was in 2005 when attending the London MCM Expo and I thought it looked like fun. Of course, I never realised just how much work it was until I attempted it myself! From then onwards I have been to events all over the country.

My aim in cosplay is to keep aiming above your perceived skill level. I had no idea I could sew AT ALL until recently. Just keep trying to push yourself further, it's part of the fun of cosplay!

I have been asked to judge masquerades and contests, guest at events, host panels and even to host masquerades. I love all of these aspects of cosplay events and can't wait to do more!

Things I Do


  • Male Characters


  • Steampunk


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