Just your average cosplayer.

About Me

Known for founding and organising a local cosplay group in her area. She doesn't work but university takes up most of her time as she's preoccupied doing student-y things like falling asleep in lectures and crying over assignments (don't worry, university isn't all that bad). She only has a little experience despite starting cosplaying in Spring 2010, as she only really started in 2013.

Her most important accomplishments are hosting meets for over a year now and organising a local meet on behalf of the convention she volunteers at.

When she isn't in a wig and she's on a break from university, you'll find her glued to her computer screen or out for long walks among the greener parts of where she lives, or extending her social-ness to playing D&D as a Lightfoot Halfing Rouge.

She is currently working on (at an oh-so-slow pace) her goal of achieving to make her own cosplay by hand.

You can reach her by making a post or messaging her on this page or if you look down, you'll see an email address and some other accounts.

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